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Full List of Publications

For a full list of my academic publications, see my Google Scholar page:

Selected Publications

Ktena, Ira, Olivia Wiles, Isabela Albuquerque, Sylvestre-Alvise Rebuffi, Ryutaro Tanno, Abhijit Guha Roy, Shekoofeh Azizi, Danielle Belgrave, Pushmeet Kohli, Alan Karthikesalingam, Taylan Cemgil, Sven Gowal. "Generative models improve fairness of medical classifiers under distribution shifts." arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.09218 (2023).

Kossen, Jannik, Cătălina Cangea, Eszter Vértes, Andrew Jaegle, Viorica Patraucean, Ira Ktena, Nenad Tomasev, and Danielle Belgrave. "Active Acquisition for Multimodal Temporal Data: A Challenging Decision-Making Task." arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.05039 (2022).

De Kroon, Arnoud, Joris Mooij, and Danielle Belgrave. "Causal bandits without prior knowledge using separating sets." In Conference on Causal Learning and Reasoning, pp. 407-427. PMLR, 2022.

Jordon, James, Daniel Jarrett, Evgeny Saveliev, Jinsung Yoon, Paul Elbers, Patrick Thoral, Ari Ercole, Cheng Zhang, Danielle Belgrave, and Mihaela van der Schaar. "Hide-and-seek privacy challenge: Synthetic data generation vs. patient re-identification." In NeurIPS 2020 Competition and Demonstration Track, pp. 206-215. PMLR, 2021.

Chekroud, Adam M; Bondar, Julia; Delgadillo, Jaime; Doherty, Gavin; Wasil, Akash; Fokkema, Marjolein; Cohen, Zachary; Belgrave, Danielle; DeRubeis, Robert; Iniesta, Raquel; The promise of machine learning in predicting treatment outcomes in psychiatry World Psychiatry 20 2 154-170 2021 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, USA

Chien, Isabel; Enrique, Angel; Palacios, Jorge; Regan, Tim; Keegan, Dessie; Carter, David; Tschiatschek, Sebastian; Nori, Aditya; Thieme, Anja; Richards, Derek; Doherty, Gavin; Belgrave, Danielle A machine learning approach to understanding patterns of engagement with internet-delivered mental health interventions JAMA network open 3 7 e2010791-e2010791 2020 American Medical Association

Belgrave, Danielle; Henderson, John; Simpson, Angela; Buchan, Iain; Bishop, C; Custovic, A; Disaggregating asthma: big Investigation vs. big data 2016 Elsevier

de Kroon, Arnoud AWM; Belgrave, Danielle; Mooij, Joris M; Causal discovery for causal bandits utilizing separating sets arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.07916 2020

Belgrave, Danielle CM; Buchan, Iain; Bishop, Christopher; Lowe, Lesley; Simpson, Angela; Custovic, Adnan; Trajectories of lung function during childhood American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 189 9 1101-1109 2014 Am Thoracic Soc

Belgrave, Danielle CM; Granell, Raquel; Simpson, Angela; Guiver, John; Bishop, Christopher; Buchan, Iain; Henderson, A John; Custovic, Adnan; Developmental profiles of eczema, wheeze, and rhinitis: two population-based birth cohort studies PLoS Med 11 10 e1001748 2014 Public Library of Science

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